Grade 2

Welcome to the Second grade website!

Second graders dream BIG!

Each of you has received a gift, a talent, or an endowment. Use your gift, talent, or endowment

for the good of one another.

Important Contact Information:

Mrs. Dolores Fartel

Second Grade Teacher

Feel free to contact me at

610-838-8161 ext. 14

or email

or secondgrade@sttheresaotcj.

Important Websites for Second Graders:


Go to Virtual Manipulatives.

Select Mathematics Grade 2 Chapter 8

for reviewing skills.


Use for Chapter 11 student practice for Religion key words.


Use for Reading, Spelling, and Vocabulary practice.

Grade 2 has the Premium Version with their

usernames and passwords. Spelling lists, Reading

lists, and Vocabulary lists are found here.

Usernames and passwords cards are attached to the inside front

cover of homework notebook.

To: Second Grade Parents/Caregivers

From: Mrs. Dolores Fartel

Re: General Transportation Form for Second Grade

Student Name: __________________________________________________________

Weekly transportation forms are NOT sent home in Second Grade. I will be utilizing this

general form that points out the transportation area your child will be using most of the time.

Unless I receive a note or phone call otherwise, your child will go home by these

directives. Because I do not have free periods on a daily basis, emails should not be used

the day of a necessary dismissal change.

Please complete and return this form to school. Place a checkmark on

the transportation area that usually pertains to your child. If bussing, write both the bus

number and the district. If necessary, please utilize M-T-W-R-F as a code. Thanks!

My child usually


Bus # _____ Bus # _____

District_____ District_____

Car _____ Car _____

Extended Care________ Extended Care__________

We will use our homework copybook as our main form of communication. Copybooks

are checked daily often before 9:00 A.M. Every morning we question how each child is

going home, as well as read any important notes located inside their homework


Parent Printed Name: ____________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________Date: ____________

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